Cute Chinese electric car costs just £4,200 and has room for four

As more Chinese cars enter the UK roads, it seems the biggest bargains are still exclusive to drivers found in their native country.

The Chongqing-based car manufacturer Changan Automobile has announced that their most affordable electric model, the Lumin, has received a price reduction, meaning buyers can now get behind the wheel of a brand new EV for as little as 37,900 yuan (around £4,200).

Currently, the UK’s cheapest electric vehicle is the Citroen Ami, a quadricycle that is similar in appearance to a car but has a top speed of just 28mph and a starting price of £7,695.

The most affordable full-sized electric car on the UK market is the Dacia Spring, a practical five-seater hatchback which starts at £14,995.

Whilst the Dacia is still around £10,000 cheaper than any other new electric car currently sold, the tiny Chinese EV is still much cheaper.

The Changan Lumin’s styling is relatively unique, managing to be boxy whilst featuring rounded off edges and corners.

The large, bug-eyed headlamps, similar to the ones fitted on the Mini and Fiat 500, and small, low-mounted grille help to give the Lumin a very cute appearance.

This theme is carried over inside, with the little EV featuring a brightly coloured white steering wheel and dashboard, and orange centre console.

Despite its incredibly low price, the Changan Lumin still comes with plenty of up-to-the-minute features as standard.

The centrepiece of the dashboard is a 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen, featuring DAB digital radio, satnav and smartphone connectivity.

The Lumin also features some elements of driver assistance technology, including adaptive cruise control, which keeps the vehicle at a steady distance from the vehicle in front.

However, the Changan Lumin is by no means a particularly powerful vehicle, featuring a 41bhp electric motor which gives the hatch a top speed of just 63mph.

In addition, whilst higher-end models are capable of a 130-mile range, the basic version of the Lumin is only able to cover 96 miles per charge, making it perfect for city driving but not the most practical choice for long-haul journeys.

Whilst there are no plans to introduce the Changan Lumin to the UK market, primarily due to tighter safety regulations, many western car brands including Renault and Volkswagen are working on making electric cars more affordable to the public in the coming years.

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