RAF fighter pilots ‘offered double-your-money’ deal to join Virgin | UK | News

Royal Air Force pilots are reportedly being chased by Virgin Atlantic in a “double-your-money” deal. 

The airline is said to be looking to recruit pilots who have flown Typhoon and F-35 planes in the RAF to be its next generation of long-haul captains.

According to The Sun, RAF pilots typically earn around £50,000 a year, while commercial airlines can pay in excess of £100,000.

The airline however is said to be focussing its recruitment drive on pilots with experience flying the fast jets.

An ad says: “In order to be suitable, you must be operating, or have operated in the last three years on one of the following RAF Aircraft: F-35 B Lightning II, Typhoon FGR4.

“As a member of our Flight Crew, you will be joining the UK’s only exclusively long-haul airline. Flying out of London Heathrow to exciting destinations such as New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Delhi, Barbados, Antigua and many more.”

It reportedly claims Virgin Atlantic jets are among some of the best in the world. This, it says, is why it is looking to recruit elite pilots.

It says it is looking for “high performing and motivated professional pilots” who will give customers an “exceptional journey” while delivering “consistent operational excellence”.

It adds: “We have one of the youngest, cleanest, and most technologically sophisticated twin-engine wide-body fleet of any airline.

“So, as a pilot, you’ll be flying industry leading modern and efficient aircraft, which is being further renewed with deliveries every year.”

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