Chocolate cornflake cakes are the ‘ultimate easy bake’ – 2 ingredients

Easter treats don’t get easier than cornflake cakes, though some prefer to use shredded wheat or rice crispies.

For those seeking the crunchiest results, cornflakes are arguably the best option and can be made into cakes with just one other ingredient.

Sharing a recipe on the food blog Daisies and Pie, its founder (@DaisiesandPieUK) revealed her simple method that takes just five minutes to follow.

The blogger said: “Chocolate Cornflake Cakes are the ultimate, easy bake for kids to make. And a total favourite too!”

She added: “You’ll only need two ingredients to make these yummy little chocolate clusters! It’s one of our favourite recipes with corn flakes!”


  • 80g cornflakes
  • 180g milk chocolate
  • Toppings such as mini chocolate eggs, (optional)

The recipe blogger claimed that using fortified cornflakes, like those by Kellogs, gives the cakes an added nutrient profile of vitamins and minerals.

Cornflake cake recipe

Take a heatproof glass or metal bowl that easily slots on top of a saucepan without touching the base. Fill the pan with boiled water and set on the stove over low heat.

Break the chocolate into the bowl that’s balanced over the saucepan and stir it until melted. This should only take a few minutes, or even less if using a metal bowl.

It is possible to melt the chocolate in the microwave, but make sure to do this in a microwave-safe container and only use very short intervals of 10 seconds to avoid burning.

Next, tip the cornflakes into the bowl of melted chocolate and carefully fold to combine the two ingredients.

When everything is coated, fill a cupcake tin with individual cases or liners and divide the mixture evenly between them. These quantities should make roughly nine cakes.

Clear a space in the fridge so the tray can sit on a flat surface and leave the crispy cakes to set. They usually take a couple of hours to fully harden up, so avoid keeping them at room temperature as it will be even longer.

Once the chocolate has set, tuck into the crackle cakes.

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