China preparing for ‘aerial blitz’ as replica of Taiwan capital uncovered at military base | World | News

New satellite images have uncovered a mock-up of Taiwan’s presidential palace in the middle of the Chinese desert.

The replica building was found in the middle of a remote military training site in Alxa League, in southwest China’s Inner Mongolia region.

The site also features several government buildings in a critical area of Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city.

It is not the first time that China has built such mock-ups at its military bases. Back in 2014, satellite images showed a mock-up of Taiwan’s presidential office at another military base in Inner Mongolia.

A video broadcast in July 2015 also revealed Chinese troops practicing an assault on the fake presidential palace. However, Taiwanese defense analyst Joseph Wen, who shared the satellite snapshot, said it was the first time that the entire extent of the Bo’ai Special Zone, or the political heart of Taipei, had been replicated.

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