Emergency service rush to Buckingham Palace as bike bursts into flames at gates | Royal | News

A fire has erupted in the streets near Buckingham Palace this afternoon, witnesses have claimed, with a vehicle having reportedly caught fire.

Bystanders have taken to social media claiming that an e-bike “exploded” near the royal residence, with pictures showing people gathered in the streets. 

Writing on X, formerly Twitter, one concerned social media user wrote: “An e-bike just exploded outside Buckingham Palace”.

Multiple people have shared their concerns online, and posted pictures showing a bike doused in water. 

The pictures also showed firefighters from the London Fire Brigade on the scene. 

A video posted by another social media user on X showed multiple people gathered at the scene watching from the steps of a home nearby the royal residence. 

They are standing on the steps of one of the few privately owned residences opposite Buckingham Palace Gate.

Several of them can be seen observing recording the spectacle from a safe distance, with a police van blocking access to the immediate area. 

The video shows smoke visibly rising from behind the vehicle, besides which a tour bus is standing. 

Express.co.uk has contacted the London Fire Brigade for further information. 

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