Zelensky warns Ukraine will have to retreat as Russian forces outgun them ‘six to one’ | World | News

Syrsky also warned that Russian artillery and mortars are outgunning Ukraine at a rate of six to one.

He continued: “Until a few days ago, the enemy’s advantage in terms of ammunition fired was about six to one…we learned to fight not by the amount of ammunition, but by the skill of using the weapons that are available.

“Recently, the number of positions we regained exceeds the number of lost positions. The enemy did not manage to advance significantly in strategic directions, his territorial gains, if any, are of tactical importance.”

As Vladimir Putin looks to capitalise on Ukraine‘s vulnerability while military aid for Kyiv is held up in Washington, the Russian President has passed a conscription decree meaning 150,000 more men will be mobilised.

The Russian air force is also launching strikes on Ukraine‘s energy and gas facilities.

Moscow’s Defence Ministry confirmed it has used “high-precision long-range air-based weapons” in its attacks.

They added: “As a result of this strike, the operation of defence industry enterprises involved in the manufacture and repair of weapons, equipment and ammunition has been disrupted,” the ministry said.

“All the goals of the strike have been achieved. The assigned objects were hit.”

The strikes come after Ukraine hit 14 Russian oil facilities with drone strikes of their own, posing the threat of a shortage in Russia.

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