‘I’m a mechanic – drivers can get rid of car smells this Spring with little-known tip’

Leading mechanic Scotty Kilmer has urged petrol and diesel owners to use a simple spray if they are suffering from a horrible smell coming from their air conditioning unit.

Mould and bacteria can grow inside air conditioning vents over winter as the tool is not being used.

It means when it is switched on this Spring or Summer, motorists may notice a horrible stench being blown into their cars.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Scotty said: “It’s hot, it’s humid, your car’s A/C stinks. It works but it stinks because mould and bacteria can grow inside your dash,

“Since it’s wet and cold inside your car when your A/C works you can use a little spray to get rid of that mould and bacteria.

“Turn your A/C on full blast with outside air, don’t have it on max or recirculate.”

Scotty then revealed motorists should direct the spray into the air intake located on the front bonnet. The leading mechanic said this is usually located at the top of the bonnet and just underneath the windscreen wipers.

This should be pretty easy to locate and is not difficult to reach meaning road users can solve the issue in just minutes.

Scotty added: “This is the air intake, you can feel the air sucked in. Spray a bunch of any kind of antibacterial spray in. Then do one on the other side.

“That goes through the system and kills the mould and bacteria but if you’re like my wife, leave the windows rolled down and let the air out.

“Either all day or all night so you’re not breathing these fumes in.”

Experts at comparison site BookMyGarage, where motorists can secure the best deals on car service and repairs, also highlighted that a disinfection spray could help struggling motorists.

They explained: “In the event that you notice a bad smell like mildew coming from the system, then a CV1 shot disinfection will help to kill 99.99 percent of the bacteria or viruses that could have built up over time.”

BookMyGarage warned bacteria can form if motorists do not use their air conditioning very often.

They warn that in some cases, road users may need to check that their drain tube is working efficiently

They added: “If it seems to be working correctly, then you may need to target the mould directly within the A/C unit. A mechanic can do this for you.

“If you want to try and fix the problem yourself, try leaving the fan on for five minutes after driving to dry out the system, cleaning your A/C filters, and disinfecting the exterior air vents to target the bacteria.”

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