Avoid storing milk in this area of fridge to stop it going sour quickly

Milk will generally go off within seven days once opened but to avoid wasting any, it in this particular location in your fridge could help to keep it fresher for longer.

If left out of the fridge, milk will go off in just two hours as the longer milk is exposed to the heat of a kitchen, the faster bacteria will grow.

Experts from Food&Wine said storing your milk in this area of the fridge can cause milk to sour quicker.

Many people will store their milk on fridge door shelves, where it is easily accessible – but this should be avoided.

Fridges are warmer towards the front and temperatures fluctuate with the opening and closing of the door, so storing it on the door’s shelves will help milk spoil faster.

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Similar to milk, you should avoid putting other items in the fridge doors.

Cream lasts the longest in a cool spot in the fridge – so avoid the door.

The door is for condiments, writers for Food&Wine advise.

You can also freeze cream for longer storage, either in an ice cube tray or in a plastic container.

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