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Sancho is on the pitch, joining the lap of honour, clapping and waving at the crowd. He certainly doesn’t look like a man troubled by injury.

Jadon Sancho has a quick chat. A brief and a quick chat. The man speaks fast.

We knew it was going to be tough but we always had the advantage because we were playing in front of our home fans. I just knew from the dressing room team talk, we was on it. I’m just happy with the win.

On his injury:

Last time I played a home game I felt something, and I just didn’t want to risk it. We’re just going to check. Hopefully it’s nothing. It’s a hamstring, but I think it’s OK.

Daniel Harris is watching Atletico Madrid v Inter, which is set to go to extra time, the teams currently level at 2-2 on aggregate.

On general run of play PSV deserved at least a draw, and a chance at extra time and perhaps penalties. But on quality of final-third decision-making, their players all deserve immediate dismissal. It all added up to a frustrating and pretty poor game, and whoever gets drawn against the Germans when the quarter-final draw takes place in Nyon on Friday will find nothing but encouragement when they watch it.

Final score: Borussia Dortmund 2-0 PSV Eindhoven

90+5 mins: And it’s all over!

GOAL! Borussia Dortmund 2-0 PSV (Reus, 90+5 mins)

The goalkeeper biffs the ball downfield, Fullkrug heads it on but straight to a defender … but then Babadi falls over, and Reus runs clear and slots past Benitez! The goal is scored within 40 seconds of that De Jong miss!

Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus makes things safe. Photograph: Thilo Schmülgen/Reuters

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90+4 mins: PSV miss the chance of the game! A long ball is nodded down by Pepi to De Jong, who plays a one-two with Teze, runs into the box, and sidefoots over the bar with the goal gaping!

Eindhoven’s Luuk de Jong is out of luck. Photograph: Friedemann Vogel/EPA

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90+4 mins: Lozano collects the ball on the left, cuts infield, and sends a poor shot straight at Kobel from 25 yards. The Mexican has been extraordinarily frustrating.

90+2 mins: According to Uefa’s stats, PSV have had 50 “attacks” and Dortmund 39. I don’t know how they define “attack”, but 89 seems to be rather a lot of them.

90+2 mins: Lozano crosses, but Kobel plucks the ball off the head of De Jong.

90+1 mins: There’ll be five minutes of stoppage time. Can PSV both get the ball into the box and do something decent with it when they get there?

90 mins: And another shot from PSV, Teze’s effort going wide of the far post this time.

90 mins: Another booking, Nmecha punished for a foul on Dest.

89 mins: From the free kick, Lozano curls a cross – yes – towards the near post, where it’s headed away.

88 mins: Sule fouls Lozano wide on the left, and earns the night’s first booking.

87 mins: An air of desperation has settled over PSV. They need a goal to take this to extra time, and Borussia are creaking.

86 mins: PSV’s Mauro Junior goes off, and Isaac Babadi comes on.

85 mins: PSV continue to threaten. Dortmund completely fail to defend a simple cross, the ball bumps off several players, another falls over, and it ends with De Jong shooting, inevitably, towards the near post, which is where Kobel is standing.

82 mins: PSV replace Joey Veerman with Ricardo Pepi.

81 mins: Benitez comes for a cross, runs into Fulkrug, drops the ball, and the referee very generously gives a free kick.

79 mins: Lozano spears another shot wide of the near post. PSV seem completely obsessed with smashing balls into side netting. Turns out Fulkrug was offside by about an inch of shirt-sleeve, a ludicrously tight margin.

78 mins: Disallowed! It’s a cracking ball in from Marco Reus, who produces the cross of the night within moments of coming off the bench. Fulkrug runs onto it, controls his half-volley brilliantly, and though it’s close to Benitez he can’t stop it. One person who can, though, is the VAR – that looked close.

NO GOAL! Still Borussia Dortmund 1-0 PSV

Against the run of play, the home side double their lead!


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74 mins: That’s his game over. Marco Reus will come on shortly, as Sancho limps around the perimeter of the pitch towards the tunnel.

73 mins: Sancho is down and receiving treatment, potentially for a hamstring-style issue.

72 mins: Now they cross from the right, but De Jong, just beyond the far post, heads it straight off the pitch rather than back across goal.

71 mins: Nice build-up from PSV, and it ends with Bakayoko turning and lashing a high shot towards the near post, which Kobel tips wide!

70 mins: Malen comes off, and Karim Adeyemi comes on.

69 mins: Bakayoko crosses and this time the ball in finds De Jong, but he heads over the bar.

68 mins: Dortmund are playing very poorly at the moment, but PSV don’t seem to be good enough to punish them. Bakayoko cuts onto his left foot and has a rubbish shot.

66 mins: Lozano keeps cutting onto his right foot and then doing something rubbish. This time it’s a low and feeble cross, straight to a defender.

64 mins: Save! A good ball in this time from Malen, and Fulkrug, in lots of space, hammers a header at Benitez from eight yards or so when perhaps he could have taken it down.

62 mins: Lozano has another crack, cutting onto his right foot but shooting wide of the near post. There has nearly been lots of goalmouth incident in this game, but actually been very little.

61 mins: Once again the referee gives Borussia a corner and then changes his mind. He got it right in the end – the ball flicked off Ozcan on its way out.

58 mins: Julian Brandt is going off, and Felix Nmecha is coming on. Brandt has been in all the right places but done few of the right things.

56 mins: Save! PSV are looking bright, and now Teze pegs it into the area, Malen trailing in his wake, and is found by Bakayoko, but he shoots wide of the near post.

54 mins: Lozano hits the post with a brilliant, vicious 25-yarder! Really it never looked like it was going in, but it wasn’t far off.

53 mins: Malen takes on Teze, goes down, sits up to see if the referee has given him a free kick, sees he hasn’t, goes down again.

50 mins: It’s been a messy start to the half, people giving the ball away, fluffing simple passes, dribbling down dead ends.

48 mins: Chance for Dortmund! Brandt on the left passes inside to Sancho, who passes inside to Malen, whose shot on the turn deflects to Benitez.

Dortmund’s Donyell Malen (left) reacts next to PSV Eindhoven goalkeeper Walter Benitez. Photograph: Friedemann Vogel/EPA

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46 mins: Peeeeeep! Hirving Lozano has entered the fray, replacing Guus Til.

In Dortmund, the players are on their way back out.

Meanwhile, a bonkers game in the Premier League – Luton 3-0 up at half-time, Bournemouth equalise in the 65th minute. Luton have only had five shots in total; Bournemouth have had 18.

Half time: Borussia Dortmund 1-0 PSV Eindhoven

45+1 mins: The corner is headed clear and the referee – who has given very few free kicks, to his credit, and has thus limited stoppages – blows his whistle after barely 30 seconds of added time.

45 mins: A spell of PSV pressure before the break. Teze’s cross is headed behind for a corner.

43 mins: Close! Mauro Junior runs into space on the right of Borussia’s penalty area, and the ball inside to De Jong looks quite straightforward – but for some reason he blasts the ball a yard in the air and a yard behind his teammate, whose improvised volley floats off target.

40 mins: Malen is avoiding Brandt’s crossing issue by never crossing, and just having a succession of poor shots from unpromising wide positions. The latest crashes into the side netting.

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