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Stephen Maguire punched the table after missing the perfect opportunity to draw level with Ali Carter in the eighth frame of their World Snooker Championship clash. Maguire, who has been unhappy with his form despite navigating qualifying at The Crucible, was angry after failing to pot the pink.

The Glaswegian lined up what should have been a simple shot to put him on his way to drawing level at 4-4 with Carter. However, the pink crashed off the side of the baize and away from the hole.

Maguire was left frustrated after passing up the chance to close in on Carter. He vented his anger by punching the table with his right hand as he went to take his seat.

Carter claimed a 5-4 lead in the morning session, setting up an intriguing evening with Maguire. The Latter had breezed through qualifying, beating Ashley Hugill and Yuan Sijun, but admitted that he had been unhappy with his form.

“You don’t want to get beat any day no matter where it is, but losing in this place, you don’t want to be here for a start, when you do lose it’s hard to take,” he said.

“Every day is different with me, I can play well one day then look as if I’ve never played the game. Play well Monday, Tuesday is just a different day. We’ll just see what happens down at The Crucible.”

He subsequently took a dig at his fellow players. When it was put to him that he was still handy with a cue after cruising with qualifying, Maguire bluntly responded: “No, just everybody else isn’t improving much.”

Maguire, a former top-16 player, admitted prior to his Crucible return that he may retire if he struggles to rekindle his best form.

“Hopefully getting back to the Crucible can reignite me,” he said. “Any venue with a crowd is good, as long as you can get the butterflies moving it’s good. That’s what I practice for, that’s what I’ve played for years and years for.

“There are no butterflies in the qualifiers, even when the matches go close it’s impossible to get butterflies out there.

“Listen, I’m lucky enough that I’ve never had an office job. But I’d imagine you don’t look forward to going in and sitting in an office. I don’t look forward to coming down to qualifiers, I find it hard to practice for and get up for it.”

He added: I’m giving it a go because if it keeps going the way it’s going and I’m just down in qualifiers then I won’t play on for a few years being ranked 40 odd. I’ll call it a day because I don’t enjoy it that much. If I feel that I can’t get back up there then that will be it for me.”

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