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A former Royal Family butler has revealed the hilarious response Queen Elizabeth had when her guests broke protocol at the dinner table.

The late Queen was known for her great sense of humour, often pictured laughing while engrossed in conversations with friends and family.

And now royal butler Grant Harrold – who worked for King Charles and Queen Camilla between 2004 and 2011 – has revealed the moment the late Queen caught her guests off guard after they broke royal protocol.

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, he said the monarch had an “amazing sense of humour”, shown through a funny encounter in Scotland.

He said: “One night I went in to announce dinner. I went to see her and I walked up, nodded my head and said ‘dinner is ready’ and there were other guests there. She walked out the room and she kind of looked back towards the room and nobody else had followed her.

“Of course, royal protocol kind of states they should follow or at least already be in the dining room and they were all still in the other room chatting.

“So she ran down the corridor and I remember looking thinking ‘the Queen is running, what do I do?’ so I started running, well not running because I thought it would be rude to run as a butler so I kind of did a trot into the room and when we got in there she looked around and she smiled and I heard the rest of the guests running down the corridor to come in.

“She looked at me then she gave me a wink as if to say ‘how about that’. I was like ‘oh my god, you are so cool’, and I loved that. Everyone knew that’s what she was like, which I then discovered.”

The Queen was often praised for her great sense of humour, with historian Robert Lacey saying she loved a good mimic in private.

Mr Lacey – a historical consultant on The Crown – described the Queen’s humour as often “self-deprecating and mildly making fun of herself”.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry often singled out his grandmother’s “great sense of humour” as her best quality.

The whole world laughed alongside the late Queen in the now-famous clip that aired on her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2022 alongside Paddington Bear.

The marmalade sandwich moment was one of her last to be shared before her death in September 2022.

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