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GB News presenter Nana Akua sparked a social media divide after she claimed Meghan Markle was attempting to compete with the Royal Family.

The Duchess of Sussex recently promoted her new strawberry jam via the Instagram accounts of her influencer friends.

Her new lifestyle brand – American Riviera Orchard – launched in March. She will sell home essentials such as food, home decor, and other items.

Nana has claimed Meghan’s latest project backfired after King Charles’s sales “skyrocketed”.

Speaking on the programme (April 20) she addressed the royal feud, saying: “None of this she and Harry actually had to do. If they’d been a little bit smarter, more patient and bided their time, they could have done all this with the family’s backing and with the world in tow.

“And of course, all this has done is boost the sales of the King’s jam. Sales have skyrocketed since the launch of her jam, and his was sold out within six days.

“And whilst the proceeds for the sales of Charles’s jam go to charity, Meghan’s go in her pocket.”

She added: “Whoever’s advising you, Meghan. Fire them.”

The broadcaster suggested the Duchess “give up” after issuing a three-word dig at the royal’s latest venture, saying: “I hate jam”.

The GB News presenter claimed Meghan should take “time out” but her comments sparked a social media divide as supporters spoke out on X.

One wrote: “What is it Meghan has done? Apart from sending a gift of jam to her friends.”

A second quizzed: “When was the last time Meghan said anything about the royals? Like two years ago? What vendetta?”

This was a move seemingly inspired by her father-in-law King Charles.

Meghan sent the jam in baskets to 50 friends and influencers, each accompanied by a basket of lemons.

A California-based source revealed the fruit used in her jam is homegrown at the £11million Montecito mansion she shares with Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, the fruit used in King Charles’s Highgrove Organic Strawberry Preserve is brought in from elsewhere.

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