Lando Norris ‘might be in trouble’ after breaking F1 protocol at Chinese GP | F1 | Sport

The McLaren star recorded the eighth second-place finish of his career after holding off Red Bull star Sergio Perez at the safety car restart but slipped up after the chequered flag.

Pointing out the error, Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft said: “Lando Norris has stopped before Parc Ferme here and he’s currently, here you can see rolling backwards.”

Chandhok then chimed in: “Yeah he’s closed the pit lane. He should have come to the grid, shouldn’t he?” before Croft explained the reasoning for his error.

“Well they’ve changed it haven’t they because normally, the top three will all pull into Parc Ferme in the pit lane. And today they’ve changed it around so that the top three should be parking on the grid.”

Chandhok believed that Norris’ incident could land him in hot water with the FIA, adding: “He’ll probably get in trouble.”

Norris, however, had no worries as he celebrated his and McLaren‘s strongest result of the season so far. The 24-year-old is now 20 points clear of team-mate Oscar Piastri in the standings and just 11 points behind Carlos Sainz.

“I’m happy for the whole team, they deserved it,” he said after the race. “Good pit stops. Just today worked out. I don’t know why, it was not the race I was expecting to have today, but just got comfortable and could manage the tyres a lot, which was an easier task than what I could have yesterday.

“And I could just push, the car felt great and I felt comfortable. So a good day, good points, and another podium. So very happy. I was surprised by many things: the lack of pace from Ferrari, our good pace, and I guess us comparing to the Red Bull which was so surprising.

“I just wasn’t expecting today. I got everything ready to go home early and not be on the podium, so it’s a pleasant surprise. But it shows the team have done a good job, have worked hard and it’s paying off.”

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