Britain’s holiday chaos as Putin unleashes ‘extremely dangerous’ flight jamming | World | News

British holiday flights were left in chaos after they were hit by jamming – which was suspected to have been carried out by Russia.

The attacks make satnavs unable to work, meaning aircraft routes are difficult to navigate and pilots are struggling to tell colleagues where in the air they are.

According to the Sun, dodgy data sent to aircraft can cause pilots to take evasive action to objects which are not really there, putting lives at risk.

The newspaper reports in eight months up until March this year, more than 2,300 Ryanair flights and 1,368 Wizz Air planes reported satnav issues over the Baltic region, covering Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The publication also reported 82 British Airways jets, even Jet2 aircraft four Easyjet flights and seven overseen by TUI were also disrupted.


In March an RAF flight carrying the Defence Secretary Grant Shapps was believed to have been targeted by hackers as it flew never the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

During that flight the GPS signal of the flight experienced interference for over 30 minutes. The MoD insisted the aircraft was never in any danger.

A source in civiliation aviation told The Sun attacks on passenger flights are “extremely danagerous”. They said the hackers try to feed pilots wrong flight location details, adding: “the information from the Russians is spurious. It is extremely dangerous.”

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