Hendrick’s Gin announces ‘masterpiece’ limited-edition drink

Well, look no further as Hendrick’s Gin has announced a limited-edition release. It’s called the Grand Cabaret with already loving it and calling it “divine”.

The gin is scented with rose and is rounded by sweet aromatic herbs for a deliciously smooth and fruity finish.

Since the release customers have got all excited with the new flavour with one person writing on social media: “I have NEVER loved a spirit more.”

Another commented: “I picked up a bottle 2 weeks ago! Hendricks may have created their masterpiece here.”

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A third said: “Bought 5 bottles the other day, sooo good!”

A user added: “I purchased 2 bottles a few days ago – it’s DELICIOUS!”

“This is divine…I was able to procure a bottle here.. It’s utterly delicious,” said another.

One person commented: “We bought one bottle, tried it, and went back the next day to buy a case…. Just in case it really is limited edition.”

A user said: “I got a bottle last night it’s really good and the best limited edition yet” and another added: “This is my favourite so far and they are all pretty awesome!!!!”

Hendrick’s master distiller Lesley Gracie, who also co-created the brand, oversaw the production of the bottle.

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