Prince Harry is ‘opening up’ in new Netflix show in a way he ‘typically loathes’ | Royal | News

Prince Harry is working on a new Netflix series and we’re going to be seeing a different side to him, says one royal expert.

Kinsey Schofield, host of To Di For Daily, says polo – the subject – is something he’s comfortable talking about which may result in him opening up about other topics.

She told Daily Express US: “Polo is a legitimate interest of Prince Harry’s, so it’s a unique way to get him to open up in front of the cameras that he typically loathes.

Netflix knows that any scenes of Prince Harry with his guard down are of interest to the public and will easily translate into stellar PR for the streaming platform.

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The series is predicted to “pull the curtain back” on the sport and what it takes for players to “compete at the highest level.”

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith is hopeful Harry will share stories about how the Royal Family “has been involved with polo for more than a century.”

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