Flower expert shares 40p fruit hack to make fresh flowers last ‘several weeks’

There’s nothing like a fresh bouquet to bring colour and scent into any space, but they often die within a week.

Of course, changing the water and adding the food they come with can help extend their lifespan, but according to one expert, there is another “simple” trick.

Elise Warlock, brand manager at Prestige Flowers, said: “Using apple slices in the water of your vase can help cut flowers last longer.

“The natural sugars and acids in the apple provide nutrients to the flowers, helping to keep them fresh for up to several weeks.

“Begin by slicing a fresh apple into thin wedges. Then, place the slices at the bottom of a clean vase filled with room temperature water.”

According to the expert, the fruit works as a natural source of food for the flowers, providing essential nutrients they would otherwise lack.

Finally, arrange the fresh flowers as usual, ensuring their stems are submerged in the water alongside the apple.

Loose apples can be picked up for as little as 40p each from supermarkets, meaning this hack is super affordable.

Roses, hydrangeas and lilacs tend to respond “particularly well” to this trick.

Elise added: “These types of flowers benefit from the nutrients provided by the apple slices, helping them to stay hydrated and vibrant for an extended period.

“The science behind this hack lies in the apple’s ability to release ethylene gas, a natural plant hormone that promotes ripening. 

“In this case, the ethylene gas released by the apple slices can help delay the wilting process in cut flowers, keeping them looking fresh and lively for days longer than usual.

“Regularly refreshing the water and replacing the apple slices ensures that the flowers continue to receive the nutrients they need to thrive.”

Another fresh flower trick is to use a 2p coin which works particularly well for fresh tulips, according to garden experts.

According to Garden Buildings Direct, the 2p trick works well because the coins contain natural antimicrobial properties.

These properties help to prevent bacteria growth, which causes tulips to dry up and wilt quite quickly.

Sugar can also be used as a food for fresh flowers which can keep a fresh bouquet intact for weeks.

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