Massive, 1.2 million-year-old tool workshop in Ethiopia made by ‘clever’ group of unknown human relatives

More than 1.2 million years ago, an unknown group of human relatives may have created sharp hand axes from volcanic glass in a “stone-tool workshop” in what is now Ethiopia, … Read More

NASA scientists ‘weigh’ a white dwarf for the first time using a space-time trick predicted by Einstein

Astronomers have finally weighed an isolated white dwarf, or the shriveled husk of a dead star, using a strange phenomenon predicted by Einstein’s theory of relativity decades ago. The findings … Read More

Russia working with Burma’s military-led government to develop nuclear power to fill energy shortages

Burma’s military-led government, working with Russia’s state atomic energy company, has inaugurated a nuclear power information center as a step toward developing atomic power to fill energy shortages in the … Read More

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