Lawn expert shares ‘right time’ of day to mow lawn – ‘significantly’ helps grass ‘thrive’

With over a week into spring, gardeners are starting to resume tasks to get their lawn into shape by fertilising, feeding and most importantly, mowing the grass. Daily Express :: … Read More

Seven things you should ‘never’ do to your lawn – causes ‘bald patches’ and ‘yellow’ grass

With spring right around the corner, many gardeners with lawns will be gearing up to start their routine grass care regimens. However, an expert has shared several things they should … Read More

Key lawn tasks gardeners should ‘avoid’ during frosty weather – can have ‘lasting impact’

During the winter months, it’s common for plants and grass to be damaged by frost. Lawns can become particularly damaged as the frost literally freezes the individual blades of grass. … Read More

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