‘Game-changing’ 35p staple leaves dirty windows streak-free in seconds

There’s nothing worse than streaky, smudged windows, especially when the sun is shining through them.

While it may be tempting to grab a cloth and some kitchen spray, this could make your windows look worse.

Instead, the cleaning experts at window company, Plan-It Windows, suggested using white vinegar to make windows “streak-free” in seconds.

White vinegar can be bought from Tesco for as little as 35p and Sainsbury’s for just 40p.

The experts said: “We are huge advocates for the use of natural ingredients, specifically a blend of water and vinegar.

“This simple, yet effective mixture can transform your windows, leaving them streak-free in seconds. It’s not just about the clarity of the glass, but also about the overall health and brightness of your home environment.

“We’ve found that the key to achieving spotless, streak-free windows lies in the simplicity of natural ingredients.

“A 50/50 solution of water and vinegar can be a game-changer in window cleaning. This combination cuts through grime and eliminates streaks efficiently, ensuring your windows shine and enhance the natural light in your home.”

Using equal parts water and vinegar creates a powerful and non-toxic cleaning solution that tackles dirt leaving behind sparkling results.

The experts said using this simple method “guarantees immediate and visible results” by dismantling stubborn streaks.

However, it’s not just the cleaning solution that’s important – how you apply the vinegar and water mix also makes a huge difference.

They explained: “Remember, the effectiveness of your cleaning is not just in the solution used but also in the technique applied – always clean in sections and dry quickly to avoid new streaks forming.”

White vinegar is great for cleaning windows because it can break down the film that sometimes builds up on the glass.

Insects and pests also don’t like the scent of vinegar so it can also keep the nasty critters at bay.

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