Garden plants to never prune this time of year or risk losing flowers and killing them

Pruning helps to increase the health of the plant as well as improve the appearance of it.

The main aim is to remove any dying, diseased or dead areas to help stimulate new growth.

However, this could all be ruined if the task isn’t performed at the correct times of the year.

This varies depending on which plant needs a trim, but it is usually after it has flowered.

Here are some plants which should never be pruned in March.


The experts at House Digest said honeysuckle is known for its sweet fragrance and unique flowers.

Both climbing and bush varieties of honeysuckle shouldn’t be pruned in winter because gardeners run the risk of removing the buds that would have bloomed the following season.

If your plant blooms in spring or early summer, trim them after they flower.

However, if they flower later in the summer, it is best to wait until spring to trim them.

Maple trees

While pruning in winter generally won’t hurt a mature tree, it is not advised.

Maple trees contain sweet sap which can attract a variety of pests to it.

For this reason, it needs to be pruned in the summer months to avoid the risk of bleeding sap in the winter.

If it is pruned and leaks sap, it can leave marks on the bark and make it more vulnerable to disease and pests.


Azaleas need to be pruned after the blooms fade or else they may not flower the following season.

This means the majority will need to be pruned in the summer.

When pruning it is important to use the correct tools such as sharp secatuers, which can be purchased from a variety of garden centres as well as online.


Jasmines need to be pruned straight after pruning, which is typically in the autumn.

This does depend on the variety though as winter-blooming jasmine needs pruning in late winter or early spring.

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