How to remove toilet seat stains without white vinegar, baking soda or bleach

is one of those essential household tasks that nobody really enjoys doing, but unfortunately, it’s got to be done.

When it comes to the seat, this is where love to gather and often refuse to move from.

Over time, the seat can become covered in unsightly yellow stains from the likes of fake tan, makeup and even bleach, which is why that particular product should never be used on the seat itself.

But according to enthusiasts, there’s one product that can tackle those irritating stains when it seems like “nothing works” – and it’s cheap to buy.

Unsure of what to use to clean their toilet seat, one cleaning fan took to the Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page anonymously to ask for some advice.

Posting a picture of their yellow-stained toilet seat, they said: “Help! My toilet seat is stained with urine and I have tried so much to get it off but nothing has worked. 

“I’ve tried using a scourer with pink stuff, baking soda and white vinegar, lemon, Viakal and bleach – you name it – they don’t work. 

“Nothing works and I feel so dirty. Has anyone got any advice or am I going to need a new toilet seat?”

Group members claimed that bleach could be the reason for the stains and should be avoided in future. Laura Jackson said: “I think it’s caused by bleach if you leave it on too long as I’ve had the same problem.”

Sue Ashwood agreed: “Bleach has caused this.” Sharon Pugh added: “Bleach can actually make those yellow marks on a toilet seat.”

Sarah Hines wrote: “It’s caused by bleach.” To remove it, Sarah suggested: “A magic sponge or pink stuff paste will help.”

Many other group members recommended using a magic sponge too. Katie Nicole Thomas said: “Magic Eraser! 

“I have just recently discovered how magical these things really are and man are they a life changer.”

Ruth Angus commented: “Try a magic sponge, I used one as a last resort and it worked perfectly.”

Vickie Bebbington claimed: “Magic eraser sponge works wonders on everything. Kath Ward replied: “Magic sponge definitely works really well.”

Sarah Goodridge said: “A magic sponge works wonders! Takes a bit of work but it will remove it.” 

A pack of 10 magic eraser sponges can be picked up from B and Q for £5.99. This works out as 60p per sponge.

The description reads: “Crafted with high-quality materials, these sponges feature a unique and innovative texture that effortlessly removes stubborn dirt, scuffs, and marks without the need for harsh chemicals.”

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