Essential garden task will help your plants grow – and it’s the ‘last chance’ to do it

Five essential late spring gardening tasks

1. Prepare and rake soil

Before you can sow any seeds, you must clean up your soil by killing and removing any weeds as well as raking your soil to create a straight-lined “drill” for the seeds to go in, Westhorpe says. Afterwards, you can plant your seeds.

2. Feed plants

It is critical to gradually water plants that went domant this winter, she says.

“It’s the time of year where your plants need a kick start,” she explains. “They need a feed, especially those in containers.

She adds: “It’s really what the plants need right now.”

3. Hang plants in the greenhouse

Although bedding plants are often on sale at this time, she advises against being “too eager” and buying before the first frost.

However, you stash your hanging plants early in a greenhouse during this time, so they aren’t “shocked” when out in the open come summer.

4. Divide perennials

This is your “last chance to divide your perennial plants,” she warns.

To do so, she recommends breaking up chunky bits and spreading them apart so they have enough room to grow.

5. Mow your lawn weekly

At this point, she says you should be mowing your lawn weekly.

“Nothing looks better at the garden at this time then a well-cut lawn, so you probably looking at mowing once a week now,” she says. “It’s well worth the effort – trim your edges.”

She adds: “It’ll look fantastic for the rest of spring and summer.”

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