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A shocking new report suggests that there could be upwards of 18 million unused consoles stashed in cupboards and drawers across the UK. The staggering stat has seen Virgin Media O2 expand its Recycle scheme to include various PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles. That’s on top of Meta/Oculus VR devices, as well as previously accepted gadgets such as Macbooks, smartphones, tablets and headphones. This means UK residents can exchange their old video game consoles for cash, which should come in handy with the Easter holidays coming up and summer on the horizon.

Available to UK residents regardless of their network and internet service provider, the Virgin Media O2 Recycle scheme lets people get paid for getting rid of old gadgets.

All you’ve got to do is visit the O2 Recycle website, type in the make of your device or its serial number, and then answer a few questions about the condition of the gadget and if it has been modified in any way.

While prices will vary based on your responses, O2 will give users an instant quote, as well as a number of free postage options.

The money will be paid directly into your bank account once the device has been received.

According to O2, PS5 consoles are worth up to £283, Nintendo Switch OLED consoles can net customers up to £110, and an Xbox Series X could be worth £238.

O2 will also pay cash for last-gen devices, which could be useful if you’re planning to upgrade.

While older models and damaged devices may not be worth any money as part of the Recycle scheme, O2 will still take them off your hands.

Working parts will be salvaged and used for refurbishments, with zero waste going to landfill.

A similar scheme is also available to businesses looking to get rid of old tech, with money going to charity or put towards new devices.

Recycle Your Electricals executive director Scott Butler explains more: “We’ve all got that ‘drawer of doom’ stashed full of electricals, including cables, spare plugs, phones, and for some of us a stash of spare game consoles and accessories.

“Now’s the time to cash in your old electricals. Our research found that households could make anything from £1,300 to £6k by selling their unwanted electricals.

“This great initiative by O2 Recycle will make it easier for all those gaming consoles to be either sold or recycled.”

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