‘We are car experts – this is the reason why your car windscreen has black dots’

Experts have revealed the main reasons why car windscreens have little black dots with the simple pattern serving a major safety purpose.

Motorists have been told that the black dots on their car windscreen are important with the decoration boosting road safety.

According to ASAP Windscreen, the black dots are simply called “frits” and serve a vital purpose all road users should be aware of.

Frits are painted with black enamel which is then burnt into the glass around the edges of a windscreen during production.

Around the sides is a solid back strip followed by large dots which gradually get smaller the closer to the centre of the screen.

The pattern is there for a variety of reasons but probably the most essential is temperature control.

Without the dots in place, the glass would likely generate too much heat during the manufacturing process which would create an unclear picture.

ASAP Windscreen said: “To reduce the visual distortion of the windscreen known as lensing, which occurs when the solid black strip heats up considerably faster than the windscreen glass, causing an optical distortion of straight lines that appear to be curved or bent inwards towards the centre, a ‘dot matrix’ or ‘halftone’ pattern is created.

“By dissipating and evenly distributing heat, these ‘gradually sinking’ black dots help to reduce this phenomenon.”

As well as temperature control, the frit also ensures the windscreen is protected and unlikely to move around. Specialists at Bridle Vehicle Leasing claim that windscreens could become “displaced” without the dots in place.

They explained: “If the frit wasn’t there then the sealant would be more exposed, resulting in gradual deterioration over time.

“This would increase the chances that the window becoming displaced which would be very dangerous for any drivers or passengers.”

These reasons mean it is vital drivers protect their frit at all costs and make sure any damage is quickly resolved.

“Not only does it protect the sealant and keep the windscreen in place, but the frit also provides a rougher contact point between the glass and the car frame allowing for the adhesive to stick better to the surface.”

According to ASAP Windscreen, repairing issues with the dots quickly can save motorists in the long run.

In the event of damage, they said: “Acknowledge that black dots are a necessary component of your car’s windscreen. If you ignore them, it could lead to serious problems later on the road.

“That’s because the frits keep the windscreen’s bond with the car intact, otherwise the windscreen would not stick to the car effectively. If the black dots on windscreen are missing, you may not need to replace the whole windscreen. You will almost always need to replace your windscreen if it is cracked.”

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