How to keep orchids blooming all the time with gardener’s five-step method

, specifically those of the moth variety, bloom just once a year – and that’s in spring and summer. 

However, when these orchids are grown indoors, they can bloom multiple times a year –potentially every three to six months – and sometimes more.

If you want orchids to reflower, you must maintain the health of the by following certain steps.

Having found success with keeping her 40 orchids blooming, Michelle Beach Simmer took to the Hints and Tips Facebook page to share her “decades” worth of experience when it comes to these houseplants. 

She claimed that five steps need to be followed when watering your orchid correctly.

She said: “Orchid watering day. Here’s how you care for an orchid and with my method they bloom pretty frequently. I have about 40 orchids in my home and half of them bloom most of the year. Follow my instructions. I’ve been growing orchids for decades and I’ve grown orchids in a lot of places.”

1. Get a terra cotta pot, a clay pot, with a drainage hole

Michelle claimed that orchids “do better” with more porous, water-absorbing clay pots, not glazed porcelain, not hard ceramic. 

She explained: “Clay pots act more closely to tree bark than any other type of pot because it wicks up excess moisture and releases moisture slowly over the course of a week. 

“No plastic pots. Plastic pots produce condensation which makes water pool and stagnate.”

Michelle argued that you do not need a clear plastic pot. They are used by commercial orchid growers because they do not break in shipping. 

2. Line the pot with a coffee filter and fill with only orchid mix for its medium 

Theo orchid owners noted that the coffee filter keeps the orchid medium from flowing out of the drainage hole. 

Owners should never use regular soil. Michelle warned: “Regular soil will choke the roots. Orchid medium is made of wood chips and tree bark.”

3. Think like an orchid

Orchids live clinging to trees in a rainforest – a forest that rains usually many times a day. 

Michelle urged: “The key to growing them is they must drain well. Lots of mouldy situations happen in a rainforest that must be avoided.

“Once a week stick the orchid in the kitchen sink and give it a shower. A nice long shower. Give the whole plant a soaking bath. 

“Get the whole clay pot wet and absolutely no ice cubes. Orchids are not from the Arctic Circle. Showering it also cleans any dust off the leaves.”

4. Let it drain completely

Michelle finds that her orchids usually take about 20 minutes to drain. If the coffee filter holds in too much water, she recommends drilling a very small hole in the bottom of it.

5. Use orchid fertiliser weekly

Give the houseplant 10 to 15 sprays of an orchid fertiliser weekly, mainly the orchid soil where the roots are.

Michelle shared that she uses Miracle Grow Orchid Fertiliser. She added: “My orchids bloom at least once a year. Some types bloom all year long. Most orchids don’t bloom because you don’t fertilise them. All plants need nutrition.”

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