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Video game Fortnite is being used – to help put an end to e-waste. Electronics retailer, Currys, has launched its first-ever game, “Trash Tycoon”, inside the Fortnite universe. The free-of-charge virtual experience aims to inspire Gen Z to make better choices when binning unused, unwanted, or even broken tech.

And it challenges players to go head-to-head on a mission to mine and recycle as much trash as possible, for valuable in-game and real-life rewards worth more than £1,000.

It comes after a poll of 1,000 Gen Z adults, commissioned by the brand, found 75 percent currently hoard unwanted tech in their homes, despite having no use for it. In fact, it is estimated that Brits generate a whopping 60,000 tonnes of e-waste every “fortnite”.

Moira Thomas, director of sustainability at Currys, said: “I’m optimistic when it comes to the future of e-waste. We know people, particularly Gen Z, want to recycle their old tech – but there is a lack of knowledge about how to do so responsibly.

“That’s why we’re confident Trash Tycoon will break down barriers, helping people better understand the issue of e-waste, in a language they can relate to and take inspiration from, through the hugely popular game of Fortnite.”

The game’s Tycoon map serves as a visual representation of the 880 million unused and broken tech items hoarded in UK homes, by showcasing a virtual world made entirely of e-waste.

And the retailer’s research also found more than a third (35 percent) put off recycling e-waste, due to a lack of information.

Meanwhile, nearly a quarter (23 percent) don’t understand how to dispose of old tech, and 26 percent admit they simply forget to recycle anything at all. However, almost half of Gen Z (44 percent) would be encouraged to recycle more tech, if given a cash incentive.

TV presenter and DJ, Tyler West, who was the first to play the new game, said: “Trash Tycoon is a game-changer, quite literally.

“Gaming has definitely been my ultimate escape, and go-to “night in” activity. As a Fortnite fan, it’s refreshing to play a map that addresses real-world issues.

“It’s about time we turn gaming into a force for good – I can’t wait to dive in with my squad, and see how I can level up my base, whilst recycling tech trash.”

Environment Minister, Robbie Moore, added: “I hope tackling e-waste in the virtual world can help younger generations understand the importance of responsible waste disposal in the real world.

“It’s vital we turn the tide of e-waste, which sees 155,000 tonnes of electrical waste thrown in the bin every year. This is why we have set out new proposals to make it easier for householders to recycle their electrical goods, and to spark the move to a more circular economy.”

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