Expert warns popular car modification could lead to court summons

The tyre supplier and MOT tester ATS Euromaster has warned motorists against to their vehicle, else they .

Many drivers, young and old, like to add a personal touch to their car, helping to give it a .

However, a spokesperson for ATS Euromaster, noted that motorists should always check that any changes they wish to make are legal, stating that the of adding neon lights .

They advised: “Over the past couple of years, neon lights have taken over as the latest trend on TikTok and Instagram especially with car modifications, however this could land drivers in big trouble.

“Although there are no laws prohibiting the fitting of vehicle underglow, there are some strict rules on the types of lights you can display and where, according to the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989.”

According to ATS Euromaster, drivers must never fit any kind of light that could confuse their car with an emergency service vehicle.

This includes fitting blue lights, which are typically used when a police car, fire engine or ambulance is responding to an incident, or green lights, which are often used by doctors.

Drivers who fit a misleading light to their vehicle run the risk of facing a fine of £50 and being reported to court.

Despite being one of the most common vehicle modifications, ATS Euromaster’s spokesperson also suggested that drivers should be mindful about where they place any stickers.

They continued: “Although stickers are a fun way to personalise your car and can be important, eg: having a child on board, there are some legal limitations.

“The Highway Code states that a driver’s windscreen must be kept clear of obstructions that interfere with vision. This includes any excessive window stickers or decals that may be too large or incorrectly placed and can obstruct the driver’s view.”

Whilst many companies offer stickers designed exclusively to go on cars, and are often incredibly cheap, motorists must always be mindful of where they are placed.

In particular, drivers must make sure that the stickers do not interfere with their view of their surroundings in any direction, including the rear window.

Whilst rogue stickers could cause a driver to be issued a £100 on the spot fine and three penalty points, it could also lead to the vehicle failing upcoming MOT tests.

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