Sell your home ’83 percent faster’ with property expert’s five budget top tips

Rightmove confirmed March is the most popular time for houses to be put on the market, as people look forward to enjoying the summer in their new home.

Glen Peskett, DIY expert and owner of multi-tools supplier Saxton Blades, has revealed nine top tips to improve the appeal of your home on a budget.


“Lighting is an essential aspect of home staging, with a recent Zoopla report showing homes with good lighting sell 83 percent faster,” said Peskett.

“Bright and airy spaces feel more inviting, so be sure to add lamps in darker areas, and maximise natural lighting by cleaning windows.”

One big no-no is the use of fluorescent lighting, which can appear dated and harsh.

“Instead, opt for recessed lights for a soft and timeless glow, especially in areas like the kitchen,” Peskett advised.


Refresh kitchens by replacing old faucets and cabinet pulls, advised Peskett, and paint cabinets for an “instant makeover”.

Peskett added: “Consider incorporating trendy elements like a stylish backsplash or open shelving for a modern touch.

“According to Rightmove, these updates could potentially increase your asking price by up to £5,000.”

Storage solutions

“Adding additional cupboards and shelves will make your home more practical and easier to live in, making it stand out from others on the market,” said Peskett.

“There are numerous cheap DIY solutions available, so it’s a simple way to boost the value of your property.”

Bathroom update

Peskett advised sellers to do “a few simple DIY jobs before putting it on the market”.

He elaborated: “Consider replacing shower curtains for glass doors, installing sleek towel racks and shelves, and updating faucets and mirrors.

“Simple upgrades like replacing taps, toilet seats, and regrouting tiles can also make a big difference.”


“Don’t underestimate the power of decluttering!” Peskett exclaimed. “By removing excess items and arranging furniture to optimise flow, you can make rooms feel more spacious and welcoming.

“This allows buyers to envision themselves living in the space, increasing the likelihood of a quick sale.”

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