Tesco cancels online orders due to ‘technical issue’ – just hours after Sainsbury’s

Tesco has also had to cancel a small number of online orders today (March 16) due to a “technical issue”.

The supermarket giant was hit with an IT problem just hours after Sainsbury’s, though it has reassured the public the two are not connected.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “The vast majority of our online orders are being delivered as normal, but due to a technical issue earlier today we have had to cancel a small number of orders. We are contacting affected customers directly, and we’re really sorry for the inconvenience.”

Tesco has confirmed that the issue has since been solved, but has affected orders for later today.

According to the supermarket, anyone impacted by the issue will be contacted via email.

The supermarket confirmed to Express.co.uk that any customers who had their order cancelled will not have been charged.

A spokesperson noted that shopping in-store and placing orders on the app and website are not impacted. They added that customers can visit their website to place a new order and view all available delivery slots.

Earlier today, Sainsbury’s said it would not be able to send the “vast majority” of deliveries due to a technical glitch.

Sainsbury’s previously told Express.co.uk: “Due to an error with an overnight software update, we are experiencing issues with contactless payments. All of our stores are open as usual today, accepting chip and pin and cash payments.

“Unfortunately, this also means we will not be able to deliver the vast majority of today’s Groceries Online orders and we are currently unable to contact customers directly but will contact them as soon as we can to rebook orders. We apologise to customers for the inconvenience and are working hard to fix the issue.”

However, Sainsbury’s has now confirmed its online ordering system is working again.

Customers will be able to place new orders for delivery from tomorrow. The supermarket said: “We are unable to contact customers directly but our online ordering system is working as normal and customers can place a new order now for delivery any time from tomorrow.

“We apologise to customers for the inconvenience and are working hard to fix the issue.”

Some Sainsbury’s stores are also having problems with contactless payments and chip and pin which means some branches are only accepting cash. Sainsbury’s has also confirmed its Click & Collect service has been affected.

The supermarket giant said the issues occurred because of an overnight software update. Argos, which is owned by Sainsbury’s, was also affected by the software update, meaning customers may have issues ordering new items or collecting orders in-store today.

Understandably, today’s technical problems have infuriated Tesco and Sainsbury’s customers who vented their frustration on X, formerly Twitter.

Lydia Elizabeth posted: “Tesco this is the second order you’ve cancelled in 2024!

“Not very good when you have people who rely on these collections and deliveries. Even more disappointing that there is never an explanation as to why.”

Another said: “Proactively contacting customers?? Sat on hold for over an hour to find out what’s happening with my order, no hold music so not even sure sat in a queue.”

Mark said: “Wow, people rely on those deliveries and that’s the best you have. Shameful.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Tesco for comment.

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