How to thicken bare lawn patches for fuller and greener grass in a week – takes seconds

become the main focus of gardens once the warmer seasons start approaching, so it’s important to give as much care as possible to them.

Transforming thin, lacklustre grass into a thicker, healthier lawn isn’t difficult to achieve – it can literally take seconds.

Taking to his account @garden_with_tom, expert Tom Strowlger has shared a video on how to “thicken up lawn” by the process of overseeing.

Overseeding is a natural way to thicken your lawn and crowd out undesirable , and one of the most important tasks involved in growing a healthy, lush lawn.

This process is also known as reseeding and will repair damaged areas giving you luscious green grass and ultimately bringing your lawn back to life.

Tom said: “So this is a really quick-fire way of thickening up any thin patches in your lawns. 

“I’ve done this technique year after year and it makes the summer lawn so much more presentable and lush.”

To do so, Tom uses his hand fork to create “a lot of” 45-degree holes in the lawn while sprinkling grass seed at the same time over the entire area.

By following this technique Tom explained: “Those grass seeds are falling into the 45-degree holes.”

The expert then watered the area where he had overseeded. Tom added: “They’ll germinate in a week or so.”

Proper watering after overseeding is crucial in helping the seeds germinate and the establishment of the grass in lawns.

It is highly recommended by experts to overseed your lawn in both spring and autumn. 

Ultimately by seeding little and often, you will keep the grass more prominent and it will be able to fight off invasion from other weeds and disease.

For the best results, water the over the seeded area thoroughly for not less than half an hour. This will make the seed wash deep into the soil.

For the first week water the lawn three times a day. For the second week, water two times a day and for the third week once a day watering is enough.

Coming to fourth-week water once every two days. Watering can be done once or twice a week once the grass is established.

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