Now I’ve hit my 40s, makeup settles into my pores. Why? | Women

Our skin tends to change every decade or so. In your 40s, it becomes drier due to hormonal fluctuations and might lose volume due to slower collagen production – across all genders. It’s worth getting the skincare basics in place now for the decade ahead. Start with a cleanser each morning; if your skin feels tight after you wash it, try a cream, balm or oil-based cleanser. If it doesn’t, stick with whatever formulation you prefer.

You need a vitamin C serum, moisturiser and SPF, explains aesthetic practitioner Dr Preema Vig. Vitamin C helps protect against sun damage and synthesises collagen, while a moisturiser nourishes the upper layers of the skin and prevents water loss, and SPF protects from UV damage. “In the evening use a cleanser to remove makeup and grime, followed by a treatment serum such as retinol, which helps speed up slower cell renewal, and finish with a nourishing night cream,” Preema says. The rate and quality of our hair and nail growth also changes, so using cuticle oil, hand creams and hair masks is a good idea.

Pores can become more visible as we age due to less collagen and slower exfoliation. Switching your makeup to hydrating versions is better for dry skin and less likely to show pores.

Just remember that it’s all part of the natural process and doesn’t have to be a battle, just an evolution.

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