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The average adult spends the equivalent of five months of their life talking about the weather. A poll of 2,000 people found the classic British stereotype of always talking about the weather is true, with the subject coming up five times in a typical day. With conversations about the temperature, sunshine or rain amounting to nine minutes a day or an hour each week.

The average adult will check the weather forecast eleven times a week via an app, the TV or googling it – posting seven weather-related comments a week on social media.

The survey was commissioned by Warner Bros. Pictures, to celebrate the movie Twisters in cinemas from 17th July. Stars of the film Daisy Edgar-Jones, Glen Powell and Anthony Ramos, and director Lee Isaac Chung gathered in London for a photocall with a striking London landmark backdrop.

Daisy Edgar-Jones said: “As a Brit, I know we love to talk about the weather, but finding out that we spend five months of our lives chatting about it is incredible, though not surprising.”

The study found Brits prefer climate related chatter to take place in person (86%), with 36% opting for the phone and 23% will discuss it via text. Although almost a fifth (18%) will bring it up during a video call or meeting.

Top reasons those polled believe people love talking about the weather are it’s an easy ice breaker, a neutral subject and simply British etiquette. As nattering about the elements makes people feel friendly, comfortable and at ease.

The main phrases used when opening an exchange with a stranger are ‘lovely day isn’t it?’, ‘bit nippy today’ and ‘the sun’s finally come out!”. And favourite quips for when it’s been raining for a few days include ‘will this rain ever stop?’, ‘it’s good for the garden’ or banter about when they’ll finally be able to mow the lawn.

Nearly one in 10 (9%) reckon they’re very good at predicting rain, wind or shine. While the top forecasting myths people think could be true are ‘red sky at night, shepherds’ delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds’ warning’, ‘it’s too cold to snow’ and ‘if the cows are lying down in the field – it’s going to rain’.

Of those polled via, 38% think the UK experiences four tornadoes a year, with 22% assuming it gets none at all. According to Met Office data, the correct annual number of twisters in the UK is actually 30, which only 30% of those polled answered correctly.

Crazy, stupid and curious are the top words to describe those that ‘chase’ tornadoes to film them – although 18% describe people that do this as ‘scientific’. But just 19% would be likely to go out and film one themselves.

Six in 10 (63%) said they were glad the UK has fewer extreme weather conditions than other countries do – like hurricanes, big tornadoes or temperatures 40 degrees or higher.

And more than a quarter (26%) said people should not complain about the British weather.

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