Banana peel hack gardening expert claims will ‘provide an advantage’ to garden roses

Roses are gorgeous garden flowers which can be grown in both containers and borders.

Whilst they are low maintenance and can survive various conditions, a gardening expert has said using a banana peel can help boost the nutrients a rose needs to survive.

John Dempsey, gardening expert at Housetastic, told “Applying two or three banana peels to the soil will provide an advantage to newly planted roses.

“You should put a chopped banana peel in the bottom of the hole before inserting the plant and mixing the rest with compost and soil around the new plant.”

Banana peel can provide several different benefits which many plants need to survive.

This includes potassium which can help to boost the immune system of roses. According to the pro, it can also prevent them from having weak-looking stems and dull green leaves.

Bananas also include nutrients such as calcium, iron, copper and manganese which can help the roses bloom.

John continued: “Watering the soil thoroughly afterwards will aid in the breakdown of the peels and will support new growth.

“Putting a banana peel on the ground near the base of a rose plant is the simplest way to increase potassium levels.

“Chopping the peel first reduces the time it takes for the peel to degrade, allowing the potassium to reach your plants sooner.”

When growing roses, they must enjoy six to eight hours of sunlight daily, especially in the spring.

They also need plenty of room to grow and don’t like to share their soils, so ensure they are planted with plenty of space to grow.

The experts at fertiliser brand Phostrogen added: “Space your rose plant approximately one metre away from other plants and around half a metre or more away from other roses to allow them space to grow.”

It can be hard to know which rose variety you want but there are a variety to pick from, including bare-root, containerised roses and container-grown roses.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), container-grown roses are available all year round, but they can be a little more expensive to purchase.

Bare-root roses, however, are a good value option and can be purchased online from November through to March where they must be planted as soon as they are received.

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