‘Next James Bond’ Aaron Taylor-Johnson finally speaks out on 007 rumours | Films | Entertainment

The Kick-Ass and Bullet Train actor said: “I can only really talk about the things I’m going to show and tell. So, The Fall Guy, Nosferatu, Kraven the Hunter. I’m here to promote those.”

The journalist noted: “When I say it must be flattering to be associated with 007, he stares at me in silence. I add that I know he couldn’t possibly spill the beans to a journalist in this context; Barbara Broccoli is one formidable woman. More silence, although it is wry rather than severe. I laugh nervously. He asks me how my pasta is..”

Yet Taylor-Johnson later added with a wry smile: “I don’t feel like I need to have a future drawn out for me. I feel like, whatever’s drawn out for me, I can f***in’ do better.”

By the sounds of it even if not quite cast yet Taylor-Johnson is probably very much in the mix of next Bond auditions. In the meantime, he’s bulking up for his action movies The Fall Guy and Kraven the Hunter this year, proving he has the physique to take on 007.

He said: “I wanted to approach it like an actor, and I’m not someone who’s just juicing up and going to the gym. I don’t necessarily want this to be my brand, doing one action movie after another. But I trained to the point where I was 200 pounds of muscle. I ate so much f***ing food. I was so big.”

The April/May issue of Rolling Stone UK is out now.

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