Orchids will keep reblooming if four houseplant tips are followed

Taking to TikTok, The Plant Rescuer revealed four top gardening tips to “guarantee success with orchids”.

Liked by thousands of people, the video script asked: “[Do you] want to keep orchids alive and get them to rebloom?”

If so, The Plant Rescuer advised to “follow these steps”, with the first one being to use orchid bark for the soil.

This ensures there’s a lot of airflow around the roots of an orchid to encourage flowering.

Once an orchid houseplant flowers and begins to wilt, it’s time to “cut beneath the lowest flower and above a node”.

The Plant Rescurer said by doing so, it “might bloom again from the same stem”.

Another professional tip is to water the orchid when the roots are silver-coloured, which signifies that the houseplant is thirsty.

You can rehydrate the houseplant by letting the orchid soak in water for 10 to 15 minutes, which will result in green roots.

As for the ideal placement for an orchid plant, they are best situated by a window. “Light and a drop in temperature will encourage them to rebloom,” The Plant Rescurer said.

Four ways to keep orchids reblooming

  1. Use orchid bark
  2. Cut above a node
  3. Water orchids when roots are silver
  4. Place the orchid by a window

Pleased, one social media user, Plantbae_uk was so pleased she called The Plant Rescurer an “orchid queen”.

As a side note, while not a necessary tip for orchids to bloom, plant parents can encourage a more natural-looking plant by removing the supportive sticks in the pot.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) assured: “With a little care, [orchids] can bloom for years to come.”

The RHS shared additional orchid care tips, such as making sure the houseplant is shielded from draughts and that the orchid is drenched with boiled water or rainwater.

“They don’t appreciate the chlorine in fresh tap water,” the RHS elaborated. “Also, make sure water is at room temperature.”

Another tip is to not mist the flowers, which could lead to “unsightly spots on the petals”.

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