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The UK is on the cusp of experiencing a tirade of brutal conditions in the coming days – ranging from everything barring spring-like warmth and sun. Brits living in the south and central parts of England were treated to glorious high-teen climates this week.

In the hope this was the steady decline into the spring-summer season, beaches became packed with lighter dressed visitors hoping to catch a glimmer of sun. But this is all about to change.

New maps suggest a cold frontal system will grip Britain this weekend and bring a period of unsettled conditions in from Monday. The north east could see snow on high ground, the south west could be drenched under heavy downpours, and there are also chances of storms.

This adds to fears of more flood alerts being issued by the Environment Agency – and the potential for official Met Office weather warnings to be activated.

Nick Finnis, a forecaster from Netweather, wrote in his blog: “Looking ahead into next week and unfortunately it’s looking like turning increasingly unsettled and windy at times, as areas of low pressure move in close to the west or southwest and become slow-moving.

“Monday is looking cloudy and wet for many. Tuesday seeing further spells of rain spreading north across many areas. The rest of the week seeing spells of rain or showers affecting most areas, windy at times too, temperatures probably around average for late March.”

This forecast takes the UK right up to Easter weekend, which is also set to be a wash out. Jim Dale, senior meteorologist for British Weather Services told the brief warm spell would be paused by “pants” weather stemming from Good Friday.

He said: “[We can expect] easterly winds and very subdued temperatures. It may recover for the Monday but [I am] not expecting a ‘good Friday’ or a worthwhile weekend.”

Weather maps currently depict a change in patterns from early on Saturday morning, with central Scotland’s mercury plunging to 0C overnight, and only rising by 5C in the daytime. The same can be said for counties such as Kent, Essex and central London on Sunday as temperatures fail to climb above 4C.

Conditions are set to worsen on Monday, March 25 with temperatures dropping to 2C – setting the scene for something many would associate with January or February. This theme is set to continue for much of England throughout next week, only increasing by around 5C on Good Friday.

During next week a relentless band of rain continues to cross Wales, large swathes of England and parts of Scotland all week – with some snow falling on high ground, maps suggest.

But on Good Friday rain appears to swamp nearly all of Britain – with barely any parts of the country missing out on showers. With a brief pause on Saturday, Easter Sunday is set to bring more of the same with conditions clearing on Easter Monday.

In terms of what to expect going into April, there are a bunch of mixed theories which are all subject to change as time goes on. WXCHARTS maps indicate another huge band of snow will come knocking on the doors of northern England and Scotland on April 5.

Mr Dale is hedging his bets on a rising heat plume smashing into Britain from mid-month. But the Met Office‘s long-range forecast pinpoints a whole host of conditions.

From April 5 to 19 it says in full: “During early and mid April, pressure is likely to be higher than average to the north of the UK, with low pressure more likely to the west or southwest.

“This pattern tends to push the focus of unsettled weather further south than usual, with highest rainfall most likely to be in the south of the UK. Conversely, northern areas tend to be drier compared to normal.

“Temperatures will probably be near average or slightly above overall, with any cooler interludes most likely in the north early in the period.”

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