Spring cleaning safety checks can help drivers avoid costly fines

The commercial vehicle financing company Lease Van has shared a number of safety checks that can help drivers avoid accidents and fines this spring.

With winter often being the most taxing time of the year for drivers and vehicles alike, many are currently giving their cars and vans a spring clean to recover.

However, Tim Alcock, motoring expert at Lease Van, suggested that motorists should take time to make sure that their vehicle is still in a roadworthy condition.

He advised: “Now is the perfect time of year to make a start on spring cleaning your van. As well as doing a general tidy up and vacuum of the interior, it’s also important to carry out essential safety and maintenance checks to ensure the van is in a good condition.

“Check all of the fluid levels are correct, and use a 20p coin to measure the tyre tread depth – if the side of the coin is visible then the tyres likely need changing.”

First, Lease Van recommended that motorists spend a few minutes under the bonnet to check that all fluid levels are correct.

As the temperature rises, running a vehicle with an insufficient amount of coolant could mean that it is at risk of overheating and seriously damaging components such as the head gasket.

Similarly, starving the engine of oil means that many parts will not be correctly lubricated, running the risk of the vehicle becoming seized.

The company also suggested that drivers remember to check the tyres on their vehicle, which can help motorists steer clear of a fine of up to £10,000.

To check that the treads are above the minimum level of 1.6mm, drivers should insert a 20p coin into a groove and check to see that the outer ring is covered.

However, motorists must also make sure that their tyre pressures are correct by inflating them to the recommended levels printed in the owner’s manual and within one of the front door frames.

Finally, Lease Van advised motorists to make sure that their air conditioning is still in working order ahead of the summer.

Whilst the typical temperatures in the UK are still not high enough to warrant cooling down, it is important to make sure that the vehicle is prepared for warmer weather.

Every few years, air conditioning systems typically need to be recharged, however drivers should also consider changing the air filter to make sure that dust is not blocking up the system.

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