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A pest exterminator has told how Britons only need to do one thing to keep out of their homes.

Spider season concluded several months ago in the UK, with the eight-legged arachnids having last emerged between September and October.

Most spiders that emerge by then are the product of eggs laid months before by females who favour the warmer weather.

Their increased presence will become more noticeable as the mercury rises, with each laying several hundred or perhaps even thousands of eggs.

Pest experts have revealed how people can ensure they don’t mistakenly find their way indoors.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Robert Collins, a pest control expert at MyJobQuote.co.uk, offered several methods for Britons eager to keep spiders out of their homes.

Chief among them was setting up traps, which can both kill spiders and dispatch them more humanely.

Mr Collins said: “You can purchase spider traps at home and garden stores.

“These are designed to catch spiders and kill them and may be effective when placed in high-traffic areas.

“You can simply leave the traps to do their work and then dispose of them when the job is complete.

“If you are looking for a more humane way of getting rid of spiders, you can find some spider traps that simply catch the spiders without killing them. However, these are harder to come by.”

Another expert has added that people can expect multiple types of spiders to filter into their homes during the spring.

Jonathan Kirby, a pest control at NOPE!, said three types, are likely to crop up in the warmer climate.

Cellar Spiders

Mr Kirby said: “One of the most common UK spiders is the Cellar Spider, also known as Daddy Long Legs, which are harmless, although they can reach up to 7 to 8mm in length – so can cause a fright!”

Giant House Spider

Mr Kirby said: “One of the largest spiders people might find in their home, the Giant House Spider, has long thick legs and a much thicker body than a Cellar Spider.

“This spider is commonly found in fireplaces, in the bath or under sofas, and can reach up to 12 to 15 millimetres in length – running half a metre per second.”

Money Spider

Mr Kirby said: “Often very small, the money spider is found indoors and outdoors and are usually found around house plants or potted plants.

“Money spiders don’t grow much bigger than 5mm.”

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