Monty Don shares how to remove moss from lawn so grass grows ‘thicker than ever’

is a common issue in and , thriving in damp, shaded environments. It forms dense, carpet-like patches and competes with grass for nutrients and moisture.

Moss loves a poorly maintained lawn where the grass is thin and the soil malnourished. 

These conditions allow moss and to get the upper hand. It might feel like a vicious circle as a poor lawn encourages more moss, and more moss weakens your grass even further.

There are some fairly harsh chemical treatments on the market which will kill off the moss in your lawn. However, chemicals can be harmful to your soil and the wildlife that relies on your garden for sustenance.

Luckily, hero has come to the rescue as he’s shared how to remove moss naturally the right way – and all you need is a fork. You can pick up a garden fork for just £7 now at Wickes.

Monty claimed that moss is “always a symptom” of poor drainage, which is made worse by shade.

He explained that the “answer” to moss is to work on it at least once a year by sticking a fork in the ground and wiggling it about and repeating the process every six inches or so. This is what’s known as aeration.

Once you’ve used the fork, mix up equal portions of sieved topsoil, sharp sand and leaf mould or compost. 

If you do not have these things to hand then just sharp or silver sand will do the job just as well, claimed the 68-year-old. 

Spread it across the area you have pricked and brush it in with a stiff broom, filling the holes with the mixture. This will help drainage and feed the grass.

Monty then suggests giving the lawn a “good scratch” with a wire rake, otherwise known as scarifying. A wire rake retails for £11.25 at Wickes.

Doing this task is essential to get rid of moss, and let light and water get to the soil and roots of the grass. 

Put the debris on the compost and then mow. Monty noted: “It will look a little bald for a week or so but will grow back thicker than ever.”

When mowing, make sure not to cut the grass too short as this will stress the grass reducing its vigour and encouraging moss.

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