Gardeners share ‘easiest’ flowers to grow for cutting without needing experience

“Any recommendations on where to get seeds in the Tacoma/Puyallup area would be appreciated as well!”

People took to the comment section of the post to share their advice with one person writing: “Dahlias are tubers rather than seeds but if you are in 8b and above they generally survive our winters and come back better every year! Very easy to care for.

“Some varieties are more cold hardy than others so you do need to do a bit of research but they love being cut and pump out flowers late summer to first frost.”

Another added: “Last year I was brand new to this and only flower successes where zinnias and sunflowers – trying out a bunch more this year though!

“This year I’m also growing dahlia, snapdragons, cosmos, daisies, basil, yarrow, bachelors button, baby’s breath, and dill but am expecting maybe 1/2 of these not to work out just because am noob.”

A third simply said: “Zinnias and cosmos,” while another commented: “Sweet peas.”

A user suggested: “One slightly different approach to compliment the flowers from seeds. Add a hydrangea plant to your yard. Minimal effort, and they produced nice flowers. I have a few varieties.

“Gerber daisies are prolific and do well here also. Started mine from seeds, now I divide and give away clumps of them every spring.”

Another person said: “Sunflowers. Territorial seed Co have some varieties that are sold for the floral industry and there’s some really cool variations that are prolific.”

And finally, one user agreed: “For perennials – look into varieties of Salvia or penstemon. They are workhorses in my garden and the blooms last a long time. For annuals, I agree with the other comments and also suggest Strawflower and cosmos.”

Do you have any suggestions?

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