Petrol and diesel drivers are ‘wasting half a gallon of fuel’ by making engine mistake

Petrol and diesel owners are “wasting half a gallon of fuel” by forgetting to do one thing while behind the wheel, according to experts.

Specialist insurance broker ChoiceQuote stressed leaving an engine idling for just half an hour can have a dramatic impact on cash-strapped families.

They warned sitting with the engine running for a long period could lead to a “lot of fuel wastage” at a time when road users continue to battle sky-high fees.

ChoiceQuote explained: “Idling is when you leave your vehicle’s engine running while it is not in motion.

“It not only impacts emissions and noise pollution, but it also impacts the amount of fuel that is used by your vehicle.

“Research found that idling for an hour can waste half a gallon of fuel. Over a long period, this can add up to a lot of fuel wastage.

“Leaving your engine running is also an offence so ensure that you switch it off when possible.”

A previous poll conducted by CWC Environmental for Idling Action London found more than 20 percent of road users regularly leave their engines ticking over.

The poll found that 78 percent always turned off their ignition meaning 22 percent were often forgetting

A survey by the Institute of Engineering and Technology found that more than four in 10 respondents admitted to letting their engine run at least three times per week.

Leading repair comparison site BookMyGarage, where motorists can check car servide and repair deals in seconds, has warned of the massive risks involved with leaving an engine running no matter how long.

They confirmed road users would be “unintentionally wasting fuel” but also suggested owners could leave lasting damage.

The experts warned regular idling can “reduce the lifespan” of the engine by removing oil from the pistons and cylinders.

BookMyGarage added: “Additionally, idling can contribute to the wear of other related components. Instead, drive slowly as the car begins to warm up, as a cold engine will be less efficient.”

According to RAC Fuel Watch, unleaded petrol prices have slowly risen over the past few weeks.

Average fees were recorded at 140.44p per litre back in January but this is now up at 144.87p.

Although fees are down on the staggering highs recorded in 2022 it is still around 20p per litre higher than the pre-pandemic rates.

Meanwhile, diesel charges stand at 153.49p per litre, up on the 147.62 pence recorded at the start of the year.

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