Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer shows off ‘chaotic’ life away from TV series

Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer has let viewers into his “chaotic” life away from the camera in a special look inside his factory.

Mike joked he was not working on any Wheeler Dealers projects with series 18 airing at the end of 2023.

Instead, he took his fans behind the scenes of his One Automotive workshop in Warwick where he works on cars and vans all year around.

Mike admitted things were a “little bit chaotic” with several sales confirmed last week but showed off a project he was “excited” about.

Speaking on X, Mike said: “It’s been a little bit chaotic. We’ve delivered five cars in the last day and sold a few more.”

“This is a new one I got excited about the other day. It’s not fully ready yet. That’s a new kit that we’ve developed going onto that one over there.

“It’s starting to look really good and there will be pictures and everything going up online really soon.

“So One Automotive in Warwick if you’re looking for a van or a car come and see us we’ve got everything you need.

“I’m really loving it at the moment, it’s really good. I’m not doing Wheeler Dealers cars, I’m doing these cars.”

Last week, Mike revealed more details about One Automotive’s new range of Ford Transit vans.

The TV host admitted he and fellow mechanics were making a new van system which was “the best in the business”.

Mike wrote on social media: “After years of fixing up cars on television, I’ve never been prouder of the work we are doing at One Automotive in Warwick.

“We have developed a van system that is the best in the business.”

Mike hasn’t stayed silent this winter with a series of trips across the globe as part of production for a new global series.

Last month Mike headed to the United States, Australia and even Monaco as he concluded production on the latest project.

He has also provided a rare insight into his packed schedule after a fan asked whether he was looking at getting involved with any other projects.

Mike replied: “I work 15 hour days seven days a week. I love it.”

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