‘My children are cut out of the will’

“A few years ago their mother passed away and left each of them a very large inheritance,” George told Reddit.

All of them received an equal share of £300,000, which was to be used for three things: to pay off debt, for further education, and to buy a home.

“Two of my kids [a 24-year-old daughter and a 28-year-old son], have completely squandered this money in just a couple of years,” George decried.

“My daughter spent it all travelling across the world carefree staying in nice hotels and eating fancy dinners.

“I completely understand going on a vacation, but to blow all of it on travel against her mother’s wishes? Bloody shameful.”

George added: “My son is even worse. He has literally spent it all on drugs, alcohol, and escorts over this time.

“None of it, none, going towards self-improvement as their mother wanted.”

Telling them both to use the money more wisely, the inevitable happened – “it’s all bloody wasted”.

Once the pair had squandered all their inheritance money from their mother, George decided to cut them out of his will.

“I decided to cut them both out of my will, as I don’t want my hard-earned money being squandered so my children can live a hedonistic lifestyle for a couple of years,” said George.

“I told this to their siblings in confidence, so that they would be prepared to deal with the fall-out when I eventually pass.

“One of them (not sure who) let it slip to them, and now they’ve gone off the deep end and proclaimed ‘I’m ‘dead to them’ and they ‘don’t have a dad’…”

George pleaded: “I don’t want to go into a long bitter feud with my kids, but damned if I’m going to have my life savings wasted by them also.”

He asked the Reddit community: “Any advice on how to fix this?”

Advised to set up a trust fund for his two “problematic” children, when he shared his intentions with his children, George got different reactions.

While his son took it well, agreeing he wouldn’t be able to manage the money himself, his daughter freaked out.

The agreement “wasn’t good enough for her” and she is adamant that spending her money on travelling was “justified”, and so she thinks the money should be hers to spend how she likes.

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