Colours abound during Hindu festival of Holi

Millions of people observed the Hindu festival of Holi on Monday by dancing, sharing food and drink and showering each with coloured powders. The festival marks the arrival of spring in India, Nepal, different South Asian countries and other parts of the world.

Check out our photo gallery of the celebration.


Two young women blow coloured powder on a third in Kolkata, India.

Two women blow coloured powder on the face of a third.

(Dibyangshu Sarkar/AFP/Getty Images)


Women, their faces smeared with coloured powder, pose for a photograph in Kolkata.

Five women with their faces smeared various colours, including yellow, purple and teal.

(Bikas Das/The Associated Press)


Hindu devotees dance during Holi celebrations inside a temple in Ahmedabad.

People dance while covered in coloured powder.

(Amit Dave/Reuters)


A girl shakes her hair, smeared with coloured powder, in Mumbai.

A girl shakes her head, which was covered with fuscia powder.

(Rafiq Maqbool/The Associated Press)


Hindu holy men pour flowers on another as they celebrate the Holi festival at the Lord Jagannath temple in Ahmedabad.

Men pour flowers on another.

(Ajit Solanki/The Associated Press)


Women spray coloured powder on revellers in Guwahati.

Women spray green powder from a hose on to a crowd of people.

(Anupam Nath/The Associated Press)


Devotees pray as they are sprayed with coloured water at a temple in Ahmedabad.

A crowd is sprayed with coloured water.

(Amid Dave/Reuters)

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