Prince Harry ‘should be ashamed’ as latest tragedy proves Prince William ‘born to be King’ | Royal | News

“But if ever proof was needed that the heir to the throne has what it takes to be our next King, it’s surely been evident in the astoundingly impressive ‘show-must-go-on’ mentality that he’s displayed amid all the soul-crushing turmoil swirling around him.”

Last Tuesday the future King visited Sheffield as part of his work with his Homewards project, which aims to tackle homelessness across the UK.

While in the Northern city William heard the story of 41-year-old Chris Lynam, who was able to turn his life around after ending up homeless and spending a stint in prison.

William was clearly moved by the story, as he told Mr Lynam: “I want to say how brave you are to be here telling your story, it’s amazing where you are”, before asking his aides to pass on the man’s contact details.

Later on the Prince posed for a selfie with Leigh Stinchcombe, even offering to hold the man’s mug as he got his phone ready and beaming with his arm around his shoulder for the photo.

Speaking after their brief but warm interaction Mr Stinchcombe said: “I was scared, I’ve haven’t met any really famous person before.

“Someone told me about it [the royal visit] and I said, ‘that’s not right, I don’t think he will be coming to Sheffield’. He was very, very, very nice to me. I’ve put it on TikTok, and I have a lot of people liking the picture. It feels fantastic.”

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