Luke Littler’s manager sums up what darts star is really like | Other | Sport

“You’ve got the off-screen, off-stage one (persona) – he’s quite shy and humble,” Foulds added. “Just wants to talk with his mates, play a game, spends a lot of time on his phone like most teenagers. But when he gets on the stage it’s like something switches – he’s in his element. He loves the arenas, the more fans the better. He seems to thrive with bigger crowds.”

Littler proved at Alexandra Palace that he enjoys the big events, but is yet to win a Premier League night. Accusations have been levied against him for not putting as much effort into darts as he should, having opened up about practising for less than an hour each day, but Foulds illustrated just how in love with the sport his client is.

“The other day he had to come in, do some paperwork, some shirt signings – he’s sat in my meeting room and he’s got two phones on with two different streams of the Players Championship,” he explained. “He’s not at the darts but he’s still watching it – he just loves the game.”

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