China ‘could be next ISIS target’ as expert explains chilling reason for possible attack | World | News

China’s persecution of the Uighurs – a Muslim minority group based mainly in the Xinjiang province – has angered other Muslims around the world, and this could be one reason why ISIS-K may try to attack Beijing.

Mr Webber said: “China is a harder target given its geographical buffers and hardened borders. They are very tough on who they let into the country from Central Asia and South Asia.

“China’s crackdown on the Uighurs is commonly cited by the ISIS-K branch.”

He added: “ISIS-K kidnapped and killed two Chinese nationals in Pakistan in 2017, they attacked Chinese nationals in Kabul a year ago.


“They have been increasing its threats and criticism towards China and have even made outreach to the Turkestan Islamic Party – a Uighur military group that presents itself as the leading group defending the Uighurs.

“ISIS-K has been criticizing the group, saying that the Taliban has them on a leash and that they won’t let them attack China, who is their main enemy and driving people from their homes.

“ISIS-K is doing this as an offering to the Uighur militants to join them and help them attack China.

“China is very high on the priority list of targets for ISIS-K. The Chinese are worried about this, and there is reason to be as I think ISIS-K perhaps will try and attack inside China.”

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