Everyday item is ‘dirtier than your toilet seat’ – how to avoid spreading bacteria

Bathrooms, particularly our toilet seats, are often perceived to be one of the dirtiest areas of our homes.

However, an expert has warned that your handbag could be dirtier than your toilet seat and could even contain faecal bacteria.

From bustling train platforms to restaurant tables and even toilet floors, handbags are put down just about everywhere we go.

But it turns out that they could be toting more than just everyday essentials.

Handbags have been listed as one of the worst places for germs by household experts – and could be spreading harmful bacteria around your property.

Terry Fisher, property expert at sold.co.uk, says: “Handbags are surprisingly one of the biggest culprits when it comes to spreading bacteria around your home.

“They are often placed on unclean floors and then chucked on the kitchen side, or on your bed when you get home.”

He adds: “Believe it or not, most handbags are often dirtier than your toilet seat, with studies revealing the presence of harmful bacteria like E. Coli and even faecal matters.”

While toilets, kitchen worktops and other notoriously “dirty” areas regularly get cleaned during household chores, things like handbags are far less likely to get a thorough scrub.

“I would suggest cleaning handbags more often,” says Terry. “Or using anti-bac on hands and surfaces regularly. And of course, try not to put your handbags on any clean surfaces after you’ve been out for the day.”

Terry’s top tips on how to avoid bringing nasty bacteria into your home:

Avoid leaving your handbag on unclean surfaces

Be conscious of where you place your bag down, and use hooks where possible. If those aren’t available, wipe your bag clean with a damp cloth.

Regularly declutter

Avoid throwing unnecessary items in your handbag – things like hand cream and lip balm can also be prime culprits for cross-contamination. You could place them in a smaller bag inside instead.

Clean your handbag

The easiest way to remove germs from your handbag is by regularly cleaning it. Even just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and gentle soap can keep harmful bacteria at bay. Avoid using harsh disinfectants on any luxury handbags, though.

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