‘I juggle two girlfriends who don’t know about each other’

“I’ve been dating each for about three months,” Justin told Reddit. “And have been planning a vacation with each of them for the last couple days.”

While one girlfriend lives near him, the other lives a bit of a distance, which makes juggling the two a bit easier.

Justin hasn’t told either one about the other woman, and he doesn’t plan on doing so any time soon.

“I plan on booking a resort in Florida for seven days,” Justin said. “For the first three days, I will fly and meet the girlfriend who lives further away from me at the resort.”

Justin explained: “Since we live in different cities with their own airports, it wouldn’t be suspicious to suggest to her that we take different flights and meet at the resort.

“This half of the vacation is the least risky in my opinion since we’ll both arrive on the same day and will check into the room together.”

Justin continued: “When it’s time for her to fly back, I will tell her that my flight is a few hours after hers, and so I will wait at the resort.

“I will then call her an Uber to the airport and will tell her I’ll text her when I leave for my flight.”

The pre-planned lie deepens: “I will also coordinate with the other girlfriend to make sure she arrives in Florida after my other girlfriend leaves the resort.

“Prior to the trip, I will tell my second girlfriend that I’ll be in Florida for a few days [for work] and that I’ll meet her at the resort, and that we’ll fly back to our city together.”

Justin added: “When she arrives at the resort, I’ll tell her that I already checked in. I will make sure room service cleans my room spotless before she comes.

“This will be the same exact room I will stay in with my other girlfriend. I can ask for a new room, but feel like it’s kind of kinky to make the second girlfriend sleep in the same bed as my other girlfriend.”

Justin then plans to enjoy the rest of the holiday with the second girlfriend, but asked the Reddit community if there’s any “holes” in his plan?

“Don’t lecture me on having multiple girlfriends,” he ordered. “[Are there] any holes or anything I didn’t think through?”

Keen to cover his own tracks, Justin sought advice to make sure his deception is fool-proof, but he got a backlash in opinions instead.

SantanaBazil said: “I got a better plan. Quit being a detestable human being and stop lying to girls you supposedly care about. Go with that.”

Ellebee458 said: “I hope you get caught.” Pogo_dota said: “What you’re doing is stupid.”

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